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How do I Bulk Edit in Receipts ?
How do I Bulk Edit in Receipts ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In the Receipts page, it's possible for you to edit in bulk your receipts so that you can modify a feature or multiple feature of your receipts at the same time, avoiding making the changes to the receipts individually. Learn how to Navigate in Receipts and how to Archive and Restore Receipts.

How do I Bulk Edit ?

  • To access the page, click on Receipts from the sidebar menu.

  • Click on the To Review tab.

  • Tick the tickbox at the top left of your receipts to select multiple receipts at the same time.

  • Click on Bulk Edit.

  • Type : choose if the receipt is a bill or an expense.

  • Date : select the date of the bill or expense.

  • Currency : select the currency of the receipt.

  • Category : choose a category for the receipt.

  • Description : you can also enter a description.

  • VAT : select the correct VAT rate for the receipt.

Click on Save and Approve to confirm the changes to your receipts and receipts will be sent to the Reviewed Tab.

Alternatively if you don't wish to change all fields just change the fields you want to, for example, currency and then click on Save and the receipts will stay in the To Review tab.

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