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How do I Navigate in Receipts ?
How do I Navigate in Receipts ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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Receipts in hibooks allows you to import receipts from your browser onto the system where it will be reviewed and approved and the information of the receipt will be shifted into the Expenses or Purchases page. On this page it is also possible to create Rules for your receipts as well as archive and restore them. Learn how to Import a Receipt and how to add a Rule.

How do I Import a Receipt ?

  • On your hibooks page select Receipts from the sidebar menu.

  • Click on Browse the files. Select the receipt from your computer and it will be processed through the system.

  • You can edit a receipt but only before it is approved. To do this, in the To Review tab select the receipt you want to edit.

How do I Process a Receipt ?

  • On your Receipts page, click on the To Review tab.

  • Select the receipt that you want to review. Learn how to complete the information here.

How do I choose a Category ?

  • In the To Review tab, you can assign a receipt to a Category. You just simply need to click on it and then choose the Category.

  • Receipts can be reviewed without a Category but can not be approved.

How do I Navigate Rules ?

  • In Receipts you have rules which you can create to collect information from the receipts.

  • To access your list of rules click on the Rules tab in the Receipts page.

  • Learn how to add a rule here.

How do I Navigate Archived Receipts ?

  • In Receipts you also have a list of the receipts you have archived. This can be useful when you don't want to delete receipts from the system.

  • To access your Archives click on the Archived tab.

  • Learn how to archive and restore receipts here.

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