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How do I Create a Rule in Receipts ?
How do I Create a Rule in Receipts ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In Receipts, you can create rules to complete the information from the receipts you import in the system. This means a receipt can be processed with minimal intervention by the user as all of the fields of the expense or bill are completed automatically. Learn how to Process a Receipt and how to Navigate in Receipts.

How do I Create a Rule ?

  • To access the page, select Receipts from the sidebar menu.

  • Click on the Rules tab.

  • Click on Add Rule and complete the information to create your rule in receipts.

Rule Name

  • Rule Name : enter the name of the rule to identify it.

When this happens

  • All or any conditions : first you need to choose if the rule applies for any or all the conditions you create.

  • Conditions details : you need to choose if the condition involves a contact or amount and then complete the condition depending on what you choose. For example, if you choose contact then you need to choose if it exactly contains or partially contains and then enter the end of the condition.

  • Add condition : click on this button to add further conditions. this

  • Type : you must choose to create a bill or an expense.

  • Contact : you must select the contact in the rule.

  • Currency : choose a currency for your rule.

  • Terms : choose the terms on when payment is due.

  • Category : select a category.

  • VAT Rate : select the correct VAT Rate.

  • Description : enter a description for this rule.

When you have finished creating your rule, click on Save Rule.

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