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How To Take A Photo On The hibooks App ?
How To Take A Photo On The hibooks App ?

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In hibooks, you can use our mobile app, available to download on both iOS and Android, to take a photo of a receipt and the data will then be processed. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your receipts, especially when you are on the move. Learn also how to access the mobile app.

How to take a photo of a receipt on the Mobile App ?

  • When you login into hibooks on the mobile app, it's possible to use the Receipts section to take a photo or upload a photo of your receipt for it to be then processed in the system.

  • To do this, you can access Receipts and the camera, by either clicking on Menu and then Receipts and the camera button.

  • Or by clicking on + button and you can then click on Scan Receipt.

  • From there, you can directly take a picture of the receipt or you can upload the receipt from your phone's photos if you had already taken a picture of the receipt.

  • For the receipt to be properly processed, ensure the information on the photo is visible with good lighting and showing all the information needed.

  • When you have managed to take the photo or select one from your photos on your phone, then you can click on Upload Receipt and the information will be processed in the system for you to approve.

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