How do I add a Person ?

Manage directors and shareholders and staff of your company.

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In hibooks, you can use the People section to list the directors and shareholders of your company. Learn how to add a user and how to manage Users.

How do I Add a Person ?

  • Go to System Settings at the bottom left of your hibooks page.

  • Select People from the side bar menu of Settings.

  • Click on Add Person.

Basic Details

  • First Name : write the first name of the person.

  • Last Name : write the last name of the person.

  • Position : indicate if the person is a director or part of the staff. This will enable you to add expenses for them.

  • Number of Shares : if the person has any shares in the company indicate how many.

  • Appointment Date : the date that the person started his position in the company.

  • Active : if you make the person inactive you can longer make entries in the system for this person.

Address Details

  • Same as company address : tick this tickbox if the address of this person is the same as the company's. The information will fill in automatically.

  • Building Number/Name : indicate the building number and name.

  • Street : indicate the street.

  • City/Town : indicate the city or town.

  • Region : indicate the region.

  • Post Code : indicate the post code.

  • Country : indicate the country.

Past Positions

  • Past Positions : indicate the information of the person's past positions with position, start and end date. You can create as many as you want depending on the number of past positions of the person.

Select Save when finished completing the details.

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