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How does Payroll work in hibooks ?
How does Payroll work in hibooks ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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On the Payroll page in hibooks, you can run the payroll at the frequency that you want as well as disconnect the payroll. The Payroll account enables you to calculate wages and salaries in the business. Learn how to setup Payroll in hibooks.

How does Payroll work ?

  • To access the page click on Payroll from the sidebar menu.

  • Click on Run Payroll to run the payroll and this will take you to the Payroll login page.

  • You can disconnect the payroll by clicking on Disconnect Payroll and it will disconnect any integration between Payroll and the system.

  • If you activate the Enable/Disable Auto Payroll Update, then all the payroll information and the journal are imported automatically and the payroll journal is created.

  • When you have not enabled Auto Payroll Updates, click on the button with three dots of a payroll and it's possible to create the journal by clicking on Create Journal Records.

To find out the details on how to run the payroll, click here.

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