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How do I Filter in Banking ?
How do I Filter in Banking ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
Updated over a week ago

In the Banking section, you can filter in the To Reconcile tab and the All Transactions tab. This feature helps you to find the transactions you are looking for in a efficient way depending on the criterias you choose. Learn how to navigate the To Reconcile tab and how to navigate in the All Transactions tab.

How do I Filter in Banking ?

  • To access the page, select Banking from the sidebar menu and you will land on your default bank account.

  • And then click on Filters and on Filter By.

Choose the filters you want to find the find the transaction(s) you are looking for. It's possible to only use one filter or you can use all of them.

Filter By

  • Transaction type : choose if the transaction is paid in or paid out.

  • Category : if you are in the To Reconcile Tab, you can choose the category to filter whether that is via rules or matching transactions.

  • Status : if you are in the All Transactions tab, you can choose the status of the transactions whether that is reconciled or unreconciled.

  • Between : choose if the transaction is between, equal, less than or more than.

  • Minimum : enter the minimum amount.

  • Maximum : enter the maximum amount.

From and To

  • From : choose the start date of the transactions.

  • To : choose the end date of the transactions.

Click on Apply when you have finished.

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