How do I Manage Items ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hibooks, you can add items and products that you buy or sell regularly. This feature will help you prefill pricing and VAT rate and make it easier for you to add bills invoices and staff expenses. Learn how to create an item.

How do I Auto-Save Items ?

From Items & Products you can auto save-items to make them available in Invoices, Bills and Staff Expenses. If you activate those features, then you will be able to add a new item when you are creating a new invoice, bill or staff expense.

  • To access the page, select Accounting and then Items & Products from the side bar menu.

  • To activate the features, you need to click on Auto-save new items and then click to activate Invoices, Bills and Staff Expenses.

How do I add an Item or Product from a new Invoice, Bill or Staff Expense ?

Once you have activated the features, you can add an item or product while you are creating a new Invoice, Bill or Staff Expense.

  • To do this, click on Create New from the sidebar menu and choose an Invoice, Bill or Expense.

  • For the item, you need to enter a description, select an account, enter the unit cost and choose the correct VAT rate.

  • You will then find your new item or product in the Items & Products page when you have finished creating your new invoice, bill and expense.

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