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How does Multicurrency work in hibooks ?
How does Multicurrency work in hibooks ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hikooks, multicurrency is used across many features in the system such as invoices, receipts, bills and banking transactions. The base currency is by default the one you chose when you created the business in hibooks, but you can select any currency in the world available when you are creating accounting data. hibooks will convert automatically to your base currency if you select another currency. Learn how multicountry works in hibooks and and how to manage multicurrency in banking.

How do I use Multicurrency when creating/adding new documents (bills, invoices, staff expenses...) ?

In hibooks, you can choose the currency of your document when you are creating it. All reports in the system appear in your base currency.

  • To do this, you need to first click on Create New and then choose the document you want to create.

  • You have a base currency but you can choose any currency available in the world.

How do I view the conversation ?

When you have finished creating your new document, you can find it in the grid of that page. If the currency of the document is not in your base currency, then the value will be converted to that currency using the conversion rate from the day you created the document.

  • To see this, you need to be on the page of the document grid that you want to see the value in your base currency.

  • On your computer, with your mouse, hover over the amount you want converted and the amount in your base currency will appear.

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