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How do I Create a Tag ?
How do I Create a Tag ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hibooks, you can create tags so that you can gather documents in the system such as bills and invoices to put them in the same category, for example, group all the documents of a project or cost centre. From Settings you can create Tags and attach these to Tag groups or leave them ungrouped. You can create as many as you want in the system. Learn how to add a Person and how to add a User.

How do I Create a Tag ?

  • To access the page, click on System Settings at the bottom left of your hibooks page.

  • Select Tags from the sidebar menu.

  • On this page you have your list of tags. To create a new tag, click on Create New and Tag.

Tag Information

  • Tag Name : write the name of the tag.

  • Tag Group : choose if you want to add your new tag to a group or leave it ungrouped.

Click on Save to create the new tag.

How do I Create a Tag Group ?

  • On your Tags page, click on Create New and Tag Group.

Tag Group Information

  • Tag Group Name : enter the name of your tag group.

  • Color : you can link a color to your group.

Click on Save to create the tag group.

  • Tag Name : after creating the tag group, you can add tags to that group as well.

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