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How do I Connect to Crezco ?
How do I Connect to Crezco ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hibooks, you can use Crezco to add a payment link to your invoices . Invoices can be paid directly via this link with no fees. This feature also automatically reconciles and mark the invoices as paid. From the settings you can add an account and connect Crezco to your bank account. Learn how to set up the Payment Settings and how to connect to a Payment Service Provider.

How do I Add An Account ?

  • To create an invoice in hibooks click on Create New and then Invoice.

  • Click on the button next to Crezco.

  • You will be redirected towards the Settings page and you will have to complete the information to add an account.

Account Information

  • Name : enter the name of the account.

  • Default Crezco Account : select this field if you wish to use your default account for the invoice.

  • New Account : select this field if you wish to use a new account. The Account field will appear.

  • Account : enter the name of the new account.

  • Automatically transfer online payments to bank : the system creates an automatic double entry in the system of the transfer between the payments service provider and your bank. Select the bank account.

  • Primary Account : tick this tickbox to activate this function to collect funds from the invoice.

Click on Connect when you have finished completing the information and you will be redirected to the Crezco page where you will have to sign up and follow the steps to have Crezco connected to your bank account and hibooks.

When you have completed the steps you will be redirected back towards hibooks with Crezco connected.

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