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How do I Create a Rule ?
How do I Create a Rule ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hibooks, Rules are a basic algorithm that allows you create transactions, bills and invoices automatically by searching for amounts descriptions or payees, Learn how to Manage Rules and how to Manage Bank Accounts.

How do I Create a new Rule ?

  • First you must access the page by clicking on Banking from the side bar menu.

In hibooks, you can create a new rule in two ways.

  • Either you can add a new Rule either by clicking on Add Rule in the Rules tab.

  • Or by clicking on Manage Account and then Add Rule.

Rule Name

  • Rule Name : enter the name of the rule to identify it.

When this happens...

  • Transaction : select if the rule applies when the transaction is paid in or paid out.

  • Bank Account : select the bank account or multiple bank accounts it applies for.

  • Description : if you select this option indicate if it exactly or partially contains the words you have entered as a description.

  • Payee : if you select this option indicate if it exactly or partially contains of the payee you have entered.

  • Amount : if you select this option indicate if it is "greater", "equal", "less" or "equal or greater" "equal or less" than the amount you have entered.

  • Add Condition : click on this button if you wish to add a condition. You can have as many as three conditions. If you have multiple conditions then you must indicate if the transaction meets "All" or "Any" of the conditions. this

  • Add Automatically : tick the Add Automatically tickbox if you want the rule to apply automatically.

  • Create : you must choose if you want to create an Invoice or a Transaction. You can also create a Bill if you chose for the transaction to be paid out.

  • Contact Information : if you choose to create an invoice or a bill you need to select a contact.

  • Item : for an invoice, a transaction and a bill, in item, you must select the right account. If you wish to create a new one, click on Add Account. Also in item, you must select the correct VAT Rate. The percentage must equal 100%, you can spread the amount depending on the number of items you create and the rules you have set.

  • Description : give a description to identify the item.

  • Add Item : you can create an another item by clicking on Add Item.

When you have finished with your new rule, click on Save Rule and it will appear in the Rules tab.

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