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How do I Dispose of an Asset ?
How do I Dispose of an Asset ?

Learn how to dispose of an asset in hibooks.

Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hibooks, you can dispose of a fixed asset to a bank account or to a contact. You can find all your disposed assets in the Disposed Assets tab. Learn how to manage Fixed Assets and how to add a Fixed Asset.

How do I Dispose of an Asset ?

  • Select Accounting from the side bar menu and then Fixed Assets from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the asset you wish to dispose of.

  • Click on Dispose on the Asset Overview page.

Disposed Asset Information

  • Dispose To : indicate where you are going to dispose the asset, whether it is to a contact or to a bank account.

  • Disposal Date : the date you want to dispose the asset.

  • Due Date : the date is when the asset is due to be paid for. This field comes up when you choose to dispose the asset to a contact.

  • Currency : the currency of the asset.

  • Net Amount : enter the net amount plus the VAT rate and the system will calculate the total.

  • Total Amount : this amount is calculated by the Net amount and the VAT rate.

  • Description : enter a description to identify the disposed asset.

Click on Dispose when you have finished.

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