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How do I Create a New Dividend ?
How do I Create a New Dividend ?

Learn how to add a dividend in hibooks.

Written by Joseph Godwin
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Dividends in hibooks is a list of the dividends your company pays to your shareholders. You can create as many as you want in the system as long as you have profit available. Learn how to Manage Dividends and how to Navigate in Dividends.

How do I Create a Dividend ?

  • To access the page, select Accounting from the side bar menu and then Dividends from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on Add Dividend.

  • To create a new dividend you need to have profit available.

Dividend Information

  • Issue Date : the date the dividend is agreed by the directors.

  • Shareholder : ensure you select the correct shareholder.

  • Amount : enter the amount for your new dividend.

  • Account : choose the correct account, which can be paid directly from a bank account or posted to the shareholders account in the company accounts.

  • Document Number : the system automatically provides you with one but you can change it if you wish to as long as it is not already used.

  • Description : give a description to your new dividend to identify it.

When you have finished, click on Save and you will find your new dividend in the All Dividends tab.

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