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How do I Create a Staff Expense ?
How do I Create a Staff Expense ?

Learn how to add a new Staff Expense in hibooks.

Written by Joseph Godwin
Updated over a week ago

In hibooks, you can create as many Staff Expenses you want in the system. This allows you to keep record of the expenses of your business paid either by a member of staff or a specific account. Learn how to manage Staff Expenses and how to create a Mileage.

How do I create a New Staff Expense ?

You can create an Expense in hibooks in two ways. Either :

  • From your dashboard you can click on Create New and then Expenses.

  • Or select Staff Expenses from the side bar menu. Click on Add New Expense.

Contact and Date

  • Paid by : select if the staff expenses is paid by a member of staff or by an account.

  • Issue Date : the date the member of staff makes their claim for expense.

  • Expense Number : the system automatically provides you with one but you can change it if you wish to as long as it is not already used.

  • Staff or Account : select the member of staff if the expense is paid by a member of staff. Or choose the account if it is paid by an account.

  • Contact : select the contact for the expense.

  • Currency : the base currency is by default the one you chose when you created the business in hibooks, but you can select any currency in the world available for the staff expense.

  • Tags : you can link your staff expense to tags created in the system.


  • Description : enter a description for the item. You can choose from an item you created in Items and Products.

  • Account : select the right account for your new expense. If you wish to create a new one, click on Add Account.

  • Unit Cost : the cost of the individual product or service.

  • Quantity : the number of that product or service bought.

  • VAT Rate : select the correct VAT rate for the expense.

  • Add Item : you can create an another item in the expense by clicking on Add Item.

Optional Information

  • Files : by clicking on this button you can attach files from your device which you want to link to the expense like for example a quote or a purchase order.

Scan Receipt

  • Scan Receipt : by clicking on this button, you can scan a receipt of the expense from your device. This feature allows you to scan, and based on the quality of the receipt, you can extract data such as contact information, issue date, total amount and VAT Rate that will go straight into the purchase. Learn more about the receipts section here.

How do I Save a New Staff Expense ?

When you are creating a new staff expense you can save it in two ways :

  • If you are happy with the new staff expense you have created and have all the information needed then you can click on Save & Approve. You will find your staff expense saved in the All Expenses tab.

  • If you have not all the information for your new staff expense or if you want to finish it later you can click on Save. When you would like to complete the expense, you can find it in the Draft Expenses tab.

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