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How do I Set Up a Recurring Invoice ?
How do I Set Up a Recurring Invoice ?

Find out how to set up a recurring invoice in hibooks.

Written by Joseph Godwin
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In hibooks you can set up a recurring invoice in two different situations : either when you are creating a new invoice or while you are editing an existing one. Learn how to create an Invoice and how to manage Recurring Invoices.

How do I set up a recurring invoice ?

While creating a new invoice or editing an existing one :

  • Click on Set up Recurring Invoice.

Frequency Settings

  • Description : give a description to help you identify the recurring invoice.

  • Duration : you can select the duration of your recurring invoice. If you select Indefinitely then the recurring invoice will occur indefinitely. If you select Number of times then you have to indicate the number of times the invoice will occur. If you select Specific Date you can choose the date of the last recurring invoice.

  • Frequency : select the frequency of the recurring invoice. It can be annually if you want an invoice once a year. It can be monthly and then you must select the date of the month. It can be weekly and then you must select the day of the week. And the custom feature will allow to specifically set the frequency of the invoice, for example if you select three then you will have the invoice every three days.

  • Start Date : select the date for the first invoice of the recurring invoices.

Recurring Payments

  • No payments : you can select this if you are setting up the payment via a bank feed.

  • Direct Debit : click on Set Up GoCardless Account and then you will be able to use your account or creating a new one to use for the payment.

  • Automatic Record : select the payment method and the bank account if you are using one. The amount is usually automatically entered from the invoice. You can also enter a description.

At the bottom, it will be indicated when the first invoice will be created and when the next one will be created.

  • Click on Save when you have finished setting up the recurring invoice.

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