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How do I add a Credit Note to a Bill ?
How do I add a Credit Note to a Bill ?

Learn how to add a Credit Note in a Bill.

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In hibooks you can add a Credit Note to a bill. It is also possible to add a Credit Note to a bill when creating a new Credit Note. Learn how to Create a Credit Note and how to Allocate a Credit Note.

How do I add a Credit Note to a Bill ?

  • You must first access the page by selecting Purchases from the side bar menu and then Bills from the drop-down menu.

  • You must then select the bill you wish to add a Credit Note to.

  • In the Bill Overview page, click on the button with three dots and then Add Credit Note.

Contact and Date

  • Contact Information : the contact selected is the same one as your bill.

  • Issue Date : the date that the credit note was issued to you. The Issue Date is already selected from your bill but you can change it.

  • Address : the address should correspond to your contact's information. You can change it by clicking on Edit Contact Details.

  • Document Number : the system automatically provides you with one but you can change it if you wish to as long as it is not already used.

  • Currency : the currency of the credit note. This cannot be changed.

  • Tags : you can add tags created in the system to your credit note.


  • Account : the account should be already selected from the one on your bill.

  • Unit Cost : the cost of the individual product or service. This is already indicated from your bill.

  • Quantity : the number of that product or service credited. This is already indicated from your bill.

  • VAT Rate : VAT rate for the credit note. This is already selected from your bill.

  • Add Item : you can create an another item in the credit note by clicking on Add Item.

Optional Information

  • Attach Files : by clicking on this button you can attach files from your device which you want to link to the credit note for example a return note for goods sent back.

  • Comment : you can also add a comment which you feel is important to your new credit note like information on why the credit note was issued.

Scan Receipt

  • Scan Receipt : by clicking on this button, you can scan a receipt of the credit note from your device. This feature allows you to scan, and based on the quality of the receipt, you can extract data such as contact information, issue date, total amount and VAT Rate that will go straight into the credit note.

How do I Save the Credit Note ?

  • If you are happy with your Credit Note, you can click on Save & Approve and the Credit Note will be added to your bill.

  • If the information of the Credit Note is incomplete or if you want to finish it later, you can click on Save as Draft and you will find the Credit Note in drafts.

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