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How do I Create a Bill ?
How do I Create a Bill ?

Learn how to add and save a bill in hibooks.

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Bills in hibooks allow you to create a bill to keep a record of all your purchases of products and services provided to you. You can create as many as you want and also add a receipt. Learn how to Manage Bills and Manage Recurring Bills.

How do I Create a Bill ?

You can create a bill in hibooks in two ways.

  • From your dashboard you can click on Create New and then Bill.

  • Or select Purchases from the side-bar menu and then Bills from the drop-down menu. Select Add New and then Manual Bill.

Contact and Dates

  • Contact : select the contact that supplied you the goods. You can create a new contact by clicking on Add Contact. Learn how to create a contact here.

  • Issue Date : the date that the bill was issued to you.

  • Due Date : the date the bill is due for payment .

  • Address : the address should correspond to your contact's information. You can change it by clicking on Edit Contact Details.

  • Terms : the terms on when payment is due. Selecting 30 days means the bill payment is due in 30 days.

  • Bill Number : the system automatically provides you with one but you can change it if you wish to as long as it is not already used.

  • Currency : the base currency is by default the one you chose when you created the business in hibooks, but you can select any currency in the world available for your bill.

  • Tags : you can associate your new bill to a tag created in the system.


  • Description : enter a description for the item. You can choose from an item you created in Items and Products.

  • Account : select the right account for your new bill. If you wish to create a new one, click on Add Account.

  • Unit Cost : the cost of the individual product or service.

  • Quantity : the number of that product or service bought.

  • VAT Rate : select the correct VAT rate for the bill.

Optional Information

  • Files : by clicking on this button you can attach files from your device which you want to link to the bill like for example a quote or a purchase order.

  • Comment : you can add comment to the bill like for example the order details, the reference to the quote or the order number.

Scan Receipt

  • Scan Receipt : by clicking on this button, you can scan a receipt of the bill from your device. This feature allows you to scan, and based on the quality of the receipt, you can extract data such as contact information, issue date, total amount and VAT Rate that will go straight into the bill. Learn more about the receipts section here.

Recurring Bill

  • Recurring Bill : you can set up a Recurring Bill if you purchase the same product or services on a regular basis with the same information and details. If you click on Set Up Recurring Bill, you can set the start date, frequency and duration as well as give a description.

How do I Save the Bill ?

When you are creating a new bill you can save it in two ways :

  • If you are happy with the new bill you have created and have all the information needed then you can click on Save & Approve. You will find your bill saved in the All Bills tab.

  • If you have not all the information for your new bill or if you want to finish it later you can click on Save. When you would like to complete the bill, you can find it in the Drafts tab.

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