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How do I Manage MTD ?
How do I Manage MTD ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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MTD for VAT is a way of directly filling VAT returns from hibooks with HMRC. The MTD dashboard shows all returns that are due, the previous returns that were submitted and detailed payments and refunds from HMRC. The software receives and uses the data to let you know what amount is due. Learn how to manage Reports and how to manage VAT Return Reports.

How do I Connect hibooks to HMRC ?

MTD is a way for you to have a direct link between your hibooks account and HMRC.

  • To connect your hibooks account to HMRC, you need to go to System Settings which is at the bottom left of your hibooks page.

  • Select VAT Details from the sidebar menu.

  • On this page you need to select the Connect to HMRC button, this will redirect you to the HMRC website.

  • You then need to scroll down the page and press on Continue to continue the proceedings to authorize hibooks to link with HMRC.

  • On the next page, you need to sign in HMRC by putting your Government Gateway User ID and then putting your password before selecting Sign In. These are you login details for your account with HMRC.

  • In the next step you need to put in your Access Code which will be sent to you by text as a security measure. To finish select Grant Authority.

How do I Use my MTD Dashboard ?

After connecting hibooks to HMRC you will be redirected back to your VAT Details page in hibooks.

  • Select Go back to hibooks at the top left of the page. From there, select Reports from the sidebar menu and then VAT Returns which is in the Tax Reports block. You are now on your MTD dashboard.

  • From this page you can see your payment method, the sum to pay and the next payment due. You can also see the VAT returns in progress by selecting Open VAT Report. You can also view the list of filed returns by doing the same thing.

MTD Dashboard Information

  • Sum to pay : this box indicates the amount that you will have to pay your next VAT. If you have no amount to pay then the box will indicate "Nothing to Pay".

  • Next payment due : the date of when the next payment is due. You can click on View Previous Payments to see when were the previous payments.

  • Payment Method : this indicates the payment method you use, you can change it by clicking on Change Payment Method.

  • VAT Returns in progress : this gives you the information about the VAT Returns in progress with the dates of the period it covers and the due date. If you click on Open VAT Report, this takes you to the VAT Report in the system with the boxes preselected and report updated and from there you can file via MTD.

  • Previous VAT Reports : you have a list of the previous VAT reports with the period, amount and type. If you click on Open VAT Report this takes you to the VAT Report in the system with the boxes preselected and report updated.

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