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How do I Manage Recurring Invoices ?
How do I Manage Recurring Invoices ?
Written by Joseph Godwin
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A recurring invoice is an invoice that hibooks will automatically generate regularly over a specified period of time. Recurring invoices are convenient to use when, for instance, your customer buys your services or products on a regular basis. A recurring invoice isn’t an invoice itself, it’s just a set of instructions that will generate an invoice at the right time to the right contact. Learn also how to Create an Invoice and how to manage Invoices.

How do I Create a Recurring Invoice ?

  • Select Sales from the side bar menu and then Invoices from the drop down menu.

  • Click on Add New at the top right of the page and then Add Invoice from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on Set Up Recurring Invoice.

  • Learn how to complete the details of a new recurring invoice here.

  • Select Save and Approve to finish the recurring invoice. You can now view it in the Recurring Invoices tab.

How do I View and Edit a Recurring Invoice ?

  • On the Recurring Invoices page, select the recurring invoice you wish to view and edit.

  • You can view the contact, item, issue date and the amount.

  • To make changes on your invoice click on Edit Recurring Invoice.

  • Click on Edit Settings to make the changes to the recurring invoice.

  • Select Save to keep the changes of the recurring invoice and then select Save and Approve to save the invoice.

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