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How do I Manage Invoice Settings ?
How do I Manage Invoice Settings ?
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In this section you can customise your invoice settings and edit the template of the invoice which you will send to your customers. Learn how to manage Email Templates and how to manage Credit Control.

How do I Manage Invoice Settings ?

  • To access the page click on System Settings at the bottom left of your hibooks page.

  • Select Invoice Settings from the side bar menu of the Invoices and Emails section.

  • Make the required updates.

Invoice Settings Information

  • Template : use the arrows to choose a template for your invoice.

  • Company Logo : if you click on Browse your computer you can add the logo of your business to the invoice. Also if you tick the Include Company Name tickbox, you can have the name of your business next to the logo on the invoice.

  • Choose your brand color : choose the color that you want to feature into the invoice.

  • Contents : you can add additional text that will appear below the comment section.

  • Footer : you can add information at the bottom of the invoice.

Click on Save to keep all your changes.


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