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How do I Manage Mileage ?
How do I Manage Mileage ?
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Mileage is for an individual in the business to record and claim an expense for business mileage they undertake on behalf of the business. This feature automatically calculates the correct claim based on the miles and HMRC mileage rates. Learn how to create a new Mileage and how to manage Staff Expenses.

How do I Create a Mileage Claim ?

You can create a new mileage claim in two ways :

  • Either select Staff Expenses from the sidebar menu. Click on Add New Mileage, which is located in the top right of the page.

  • Or from your dashboard you can click on Create New and then Mileage.

  • Learn how to complete the information of the new mileage here.


  • When finished, click on Save and Approve button.

How do I view a Mileage claim ?

  • Select Staff Expenses from the sidebar menu.

  • To view a mileage, click on the mileage you wish to see.

  • This page shows detailed information, including Staff Person, Issue Date, Paid status,, Description, Mileage, VAT Rate, VAT Total and Total amount.

How do I edit a Mileage claim ?

  • Select Staff Expenses from the sidebar menu.

  • Select the mileage claim you wish to edit.

  • Select Edit in the Mileage Overview page. The edit feature will only be available if an expense is not paid yet.

  • When you have finished with your changes, click on Save and Approve.

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