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How do I Manage Staff Expenses ?
How do I Manage Staff Expenses ?
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In hibooks, Staff Expenses allow you to keep a record of the expenses of your business paid either by a member of staff or a specific account. You can create as many as you want in the system, and also view and edit them. Learn how to create a Staff Expense and how to create a Mileage.

How do I Create a Staff Expense ?

You can create a new Staff Expense in two ways :

  • Select Staff Expenses from the sidebar menu. Click on Add New Expense at the top right of the page.

  • Or from your dashboard you can click on Create New and then Expenses.

  • Learn how to complete the fields here.

How do I view a Staff Expense ?

  • Click on Staff Expenses from the side bar menu.

  • To view a staff expense select the Staff Expense you wish to see.

  • On the Expense Overview page, here you will find all information connected with this document, including payments, notes and files. 

How do I edit a Staff Expense ?

  • Select Staff Expenses from the side bar menu.

  • Open the staff expense you want to edit by selecting it.

  • Press the Edit button in the Expense Overview page.

  • When finished editing, click on Save and Approve.

Note: You can edit Staff Expense only if it doesn’t have any payments.

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