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How do I Manage Accounting Dates and Codes ?
How do I Manage Accounting Dates and Codes ?

Update your accounting dates

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On this page, you can edit and update main accounting dates of your company such as company start date, first accounting year, end date, account reference date, and confirmation statement date. Also you will find the fields of the accounting references. Learn how to Manage VAT Details and how to Manage Users.

How do I Manage Accounting Dates ? 

  • Select System Settings from the bottom left of your hibooks page.

  • Click on Accounting Settings from the sidebar menu in the Financial Detail section.

  • Complete the fields and make required updates.

Accounting Dates

  • Prepare Accounts From : the start date of the accounts from the year that you start using hibooks.

  • First Accounts Made Up To : the end date of the accounting year for the accounts.

  • Account Reference Date : the date your accounts is made up from the companies house.

  • Confirmation Statement Date : the date Confirmation Statement is due which is pulled automatically from the companies house.

  • Lock Date : enter the lock date which means you can't enter data before that date.

Accounting References

  • Corporation Tax Reference Number : enter the Tax Reference of the business.

  • Authentication Code : enter the code to access the companies house account online.

  • PAYE Reference Number : enter the HMRC reference payee scheme (like for example salaries).

Click on Save when you have completed or updated the accounting information.

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