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How do I Manage Reports ?
How do I Manage Reports ?

Find out about all the reports that hibooks can create for you.

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The Report function automates the reporting process for your business. You’ll find a range of reports to choose from, including the most common accounting and business reports you’ll need in this section. Learn how to manage MTD and how to manage VAT Return Reports.

How do I View a Report ?

  • Select Reports from the sidebar menu.

  • Select the report name you wish to view.

  • Choose your required criteria such as Period, Dates and Account depending on the report you have selected.  

  • Select Update to create the report and update its information. 


How do I Manage Report Options ?

  • On your Reports page, you can make favourite your most often used reports as a quick way of navigating to it.

  • Simply click on the star icon next to your most-used report on the Report page.

  • Starred reports will appear as items in the Favourite Reports.

How do I Export a Report ?

  • Select the Report you wish to export.

  • You can export the report by selecting the export button.

  • You have the option to export the report in three different formats which are CSV, XLS and PDF. By exporting the report you can view and use the data.



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